Ch. 12e, pt. III : To a Holiday in Cambodia & Thailand

Before I had even left to go on that Know Nothing trip I was trying to get a job teaching English in Korea. My prior attempt at traveling around the world had been cut short by this accident so I figured I wanted to do something so I wanted to study Hop Kee Doin Korea at the source. So I left the circus to come back to New York to get my shit together for that but my recruiter jerked me around for awhile & in the meantime I went on tour with Inferno where we went as far as New Orleans where we again met up with the Circus kids. And after that night they continued tour & I caught a flight back to Korea.

From Korea i went to Thailand and I was back in a bout a year. In Korea I was really miserable and hated the job so I went to Thailand where its really cheap to live. I figured I’d find something to do and I just spent 9 months there until I came back here at the very end of 2001.

Lord have mercy. Anyway so you stayed here since then?

Between early 2001 and the end of 2003 I was pretty much bouncing back and forth between here and Thailand. By the end of 2003 I settled back here . I kept going back and forth because I wanted to see my soon to be ex-wife Mao. Technically we’re still married but I feel that its cold so say soon to be ex-wife as we’re still on good terms, I dont know a better way to express it. I kept

going over there to visit her but she started to get a Masters Degree in England so she started coming here more. In 2004 she moved here and we got married so I havent done alot of long term travelling since then.

Oh, you mentioned you got into an accident back in ’99 or 2000. What actually happened?

Ah my accident in Cambodia. I had never driven a motorbike in my life. I was way out in the sticks with Greg and his girlfriend and thats even by Cambodian standards. It was an area that boarded Laos & vietnam and it basically took two days to get there. It was still a little dangerous having to worry about bandits or whatever. Renting a motorbike for a day: $5.  Helmet? doesnt matter how much money you have it doesnt matter, they have none. So it was like a scooter and i was going down a hile , not sure how fast, maybe 60mph the odometer was broken. Drifted off the road

where it was all rocks and Next thing i knew the bike wasnt under me anymore and I was flying in the air headfirst. I had trained hop kee do for two years before that and we started every class by running, diving, and rolling so my body just reacted and instinctly went into rolling and it literally saved my life. Hop kee do involves alot of throwing so you would have to learn to get thrown and land without getting hurt.

Dozens and dozens of time each class i was getting thrown. In that way martial arts saved my life and it wouldnt be how you one would expect without hearing the story.

It was two days before i got to a hospital in bangkok to have surgery. We had this witch doctor basically doing shit on my arm.


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