Ch. 12e, pt. I: Mr. Sane

I grew up in Westfield. Greg Daly was around. He and my brother were really good friends in high school. We knew each other but didn’t start hanging out a little more until right after I graduated in ’93. I went to a few shows then but I didn’t go to many punk shows but I did go to alot of Grateful Dead concerts. I was only in that for the drugs though. I lived in New Brunswick for like 7  years . World Inferno used to play Brunswick basement shows all the time as well but New York was always place where I would always gravitate to.

Also at that time I used to make this home-made cider called Livermaster. I remember Katie wasn’t talking to me at one point but was still trying to get around that and get friends to get some of my Livermaster.It was like a 14% hard cider . Ask Greg it was like drinking some kind of drug that would make you find yourself wandering the streets screaming bloody murder until you looked around and realized it was only you.

So I started going to the Pipeline in Newark, the Wetlands in New York, theGas Station in Alphabet City. I remember seeing the Casualties play at the Gas Station. It was like this junkyard with a warehouse space in it. From the street you walked into this fenced off lot where you walk in and its like a straight junkyard. Scrap and shit on either side of this pathway to walk into the warehouse space where the bands would play…

The first time I did fire at a show was not with World Inferno. I did it a few times while performing with the Know Nothing Circus but that wasn’t my main act. The first time I saw the Know Nothings was at RUBULAD. I was living in Brooklyn with Lucky and working in SOHO as a systems administrator with a computer company that developed websites. I had already kind of done my attempt attempt at travelling the world and had that motorbike incident where I needed surgery on my shoulder. So I was back here living with Lucky but I was kind of discontent. So I went to RUBULAD to see The End of the World Circus from New Orleans who the Know Nothings were touring with doing this freakshow afterwards. So I saw this circus at Rubulad and the freakshow had like Auora hanging a full six pack off hooks in her labia.Flag layed on a bed of nails and sucked his own dick….and i was just like “this is fucking awesome!!” I remember thinking how I excited I was at the thought of just running away with the circus….

So the circus just left town and my friend Erica from Toronto , who I met at Old Barn fest….That’s another story…

[Old Barn Fest] was this crazy 3 or 4 day long punk festival in the middle of this giant field in Wisconsin. It was fucking mayhem. It was insane. Greg was there, he can tell you about it.

Some teenage kids from Wisconsin stole a car in Madison and drove it out to Barn Fest and on the last night they pushed it onto the bon fire. So me and a few people got really far away in case the gas tank exploded or something and was just watching 50 to 100 punks standing 10 ft. away from the car just throwing rocks at it. Perfect way to top off the three days.

So at barn fest. I was sleeping in my tent and one morning at the crack of dawn I woke up real hungover. I kept trying to doze off but I was hearing things … like I’d hear someone yell : FOUR ! and i realized it was the guys from Distraught and Sick on the Bus playing golf with a two by four and beer bottles at 7 o clock in the morning. There were shards of glass just bouncing off my tent every now and again.

Anyway, thats where i met Erica. She came down to visit that same summer that I went to Rubulad. We tried to hop trains out to Vancouver, got caught, hitchhiked to Winnipeg then rode a train to Vancouver. Two days through the Rocky Mountains and then went to this festival called the Autonomous Mutant festival in the middle of the woods up in the mountains in Oregon. It was a mix between punk underground circus kids and electronic music. It was just out in the woods for like a week and the Know Nothings were performing on the last night. At one point I went up to Eric Von Know Nothing and I said I got an act. My stunt with the straw I had already performed it with this band Deviant Behavior. The first time I did that was at a party. It was Katie’s idea to raise money. We didn’t get money but we got a lot of free drinks.

The circus act that i did. The band might want you to leave this out of the interview.

[laugher] Sometimes ill tell someone this but I assume they just won’t believe me. Sometimes when I’m hanging with people from work…like if we’re out drinking, I have to make myself go home before I start telling them some stories about myself. I mean if I was like hey..I smoke weed. They wouldn’t care. But if I let it slip where I tell them….


I’d say 98% of the crowd there was just horrified. You can see it  in their faces. Maybe 10 people lined up to drink which were either my friends or kids from the circus, who would

soon become my friends. Yeah, I did that at Mutant Fest and Meschiya Lake was the person to come up to me and ask to come with them. She had a van and I had to tell my friend Erica that I was going on tour with the circus.

We did a month or two worth of touring and I came back and started doing the regular fire breathing with World Inferno.

Giant Cat: what was your first show back?

Was that the show where i pulled Franz’s pants down? Yeah i think that was CBGB.  It was the first time i met Franz.


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