Ch. 12b: California & Everyone Who Lives There…


Xtal Chaos: I moved to LA in 2001….

Giant Cat: were you in any west coast bands?

Xtal Chaos: OwlOwl in LA…and I was in Killsonic (crazy 30 piece punk marching band-cat)  till about a year ago… WWW.KILLSONIC.ORG. Mike– and awesome tuba player–now plays with them.

Dave DeMar: It’s not what brought me to LA as much as what drove me out of NYC: shitty weather and a shittier job. I needed a break. After a few years away, I can finally look fondly upon New York.  California is great, no matter what Jack says. LA has its share of hassles and jerks but, like any major city, it also has a lot to offer.  I scored an indie film last year, which was cool, and I’ve got a new band called the Checkout Girls that’s recording and playing around LA.

Chad Mo: Even San Francisco has a bit of a fashion edge to it. I was just in the bay area playing with Art Kearny, who used to play with Tom Waits. So yeah, there I was playing with all these musicians that would play music with Tom Waits. I also played with a band called El Radio Fantatisque. Great group of kids. They are the best.

Xtal Chaos: That song was recorded in 1996 before I joined the Inferno.

NYC can be an extremely provincial place.  A myth exists that only those things created in NYC are interesting, which is just not true. However, the Inferno song about California was not about Californians but about brainwashing…. check it out again.

Brian Pearl : I think that that is a very East Coast perspective on my lovely home state, so yes I respectfully disagree.  I grew up out here, and always kind of planned on returning.

Now I’m in law school at UCLA and I’m hoping to work in the intellectual property/entertainment/new media world.

Giant Cat : What! What happened to ‘All of California and everyone stinks’ and ‘pirates bank robbers are heroes’.

Brian Pearl: I like Jack’s whole worldview but I don’t share it.  I think he’s super intelligent and honest and driven by genuine passion for his beliefs and his creative vision.  I was lucky in every stage of my music “career” to meet really talented people and play in bands where I could learn a ton and hopefully contribute a lot as well.  I learned as much in World Inferno as I ever did anywhere else. there are things about the scene around World Inferno that I think the indie world could learn a lot from.  There’s a level of devotion and enthusiasm there that you’ll never see at any indie show. I think it is awesome that WIFS is still going strong.


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