b. current projects 2

GEOFF BLYTHE : Mr. Blythe has played with Dexys Midnight Runners, Elvis Costello, TKO Horns (w/ Madness & the Specials) . His current bands are BLACK 47 and THE  BUREAU (x-Dexy’s).  Check out the online chapter “Searching for the young red eyed soul rebels” to check out a full interview!



CHAD MO: Yeah man the “lil people brass band”on face book..we was on NBC this year for the football game [Super Bowl]…and Free Spirit Brass Band and the 9th Ward Marching Band.

The Herringbone Orkestra, when ever we get together.The band leader left town , went to Oakland. We wanted to keep it alive so it was still existing through me. So who knows, it kind of exists.


I’m leading my own percussion band which we’ve been calling the Porch Percussion Coalition.
Also just recorded with another accordion player from Washington as a duo called Below the Salt.

I’ve also peen playing with IFA, a religious group. All music is some sort of spiritual reality, really. Studying bells & ancient rythym patterns and applying my clarinet to them. Oh and doing art shows in this skateshop. It’s all about trying to get your voice out. Not just through my horn or my drums but my images.

(see online Chapter 12 a : From the Big Apple to the Big Easy)


MIKE WAGNER: (see current projects in the online Chapter 12: Jerusalem Boys. Thrashy hardcore punk Chassidic Jews. No, I’m serious. Its fucking awesome. – cat.)

So that’s quite an impressive eclectic musical resume that you’ve amassed over the years. Being a member in early line-ups of both ‘King Chango’ and ‘Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra’ AND the WIFS. There’s alot of genre hopping there.

“Who would have imagined Antibalas on Broadway?  We started out by doing benefit shows for left-wing causes in the LES. I generally hate the canned theatrics of musicals.  I’m reluctant to see Fela! on Broadway.  I haven’t seen Peter Lorre either.  I like spontaneity and danger.  Performance art is OK.  Maybe someone will make a Broadway play about G.G. Allin.  I would go see that.”

Labels are useful for marketing but get in the way of a good party. Being part of a scene comes in handy when you’re trying to get shows, or promote them.  But almost every band that I’ve been a part of has ignored the trends and created its own scene.  The scene I am involved in now revolves around a Thursday night party where freaky chassidic Jews (and others) get wasted and eat chulent (bean stew).  You can get a glimpse of it here: http://www.vimeo.com/6694379
…and if there doesn’t seem to be that kind of scene around, it seems like you have been pretty successful  in the business of literally making the history of one up and building upon its mythology: ie. both The Daktaris & The Revenge of Mister Mopoji . Brilliant.
“Credit for those concepts goes to Philip Lehman, the drummer and founder of the Desco and Soul fire Labels.  Philip is a mad genius. We’ve been talking recently about making another Daktaris record, but I’m not sure how that will go over now that everybody knows the true story behind it.”
I forgot that Dylan played with World/Inferno.  We must have been 

involved during different periods.’


DYLAN FUSILLO: I am still associated with Antibalas, though I have not been a performing member for the last several years. I toured and recorded with them for 7 years and I am on all of their albums to date. I am the percussionist and in-house contractor for the band in the Fela musical, so of course, I think it is a great show. You and Wagner should come see it.

Also touring and recording with The Pimps of Joytime, Art Neville, Roy Hargrove, Meshell N’Degeocello, Bill T Jones, The Stills,
Akoya, Aphrodesia, Jeremy Wilms, Julian Velard, and anyone else who will have me.


FRANZ: http://www.franznicolay.com

Major general was the first record, then the St. Sebastian 10”, then Luck and Courage is about to come out.

I think the new record is the first real one in my mind. Its the first one of all new material written at the same time. Major General was kind of a data dump. Songs that I had over the past 10 years that I hadn’t used for anything else. Jeff Penalty was new. Casanova was new. There was a couple of new songs but at time I had just wanted to introduce the idea of myself as a solo artist, a solo singer/songwriter performer. I had just needed to have a record first to do that and to start touring. You always want to make a good record but it wasn’t that important to me to make the best record that I’ve ever made. I just had to make a record. There were some songs that were intended as Hold Steady songs and there were a couple intended for World Inferno songs and it sounds like that. The new record is the first one solely conceived in this way.

    There is more banjo. Every time I pick up a new instrument it’s a songwriting thing as much as it is a learning a new instrument thing. The process of learning an instrument is discovering things and discovering things you already know but in a new language basically. I couldn’t sit down at a piano with a straight face and write a song that goes from G to C but I can write a song that goes from G to C on banjo because I’m just learning to play G to C. You can out smart yourself trying to write songs that are like nothing you’ve written before. Like nothing that’s ever been written before.I have to trick myself into writing really simple songs and those are really simple songs.

YULA: http://www.yulabeeri.com

DAN BAILEY : Hallowmas 2002. Apparently Dan just shows up with many mysterious cardboard boxes just full of candy corn. No explanation. They were soon thrown into the crowd to create a huge mess on the floor.


BRIAN PEARL –Brian Pearl, though everyone in WIFS just called me pearl.  Jack would sometimes call me Pearly Pearl Pearl or something to that effect.  I played keyboards for a year or so some time around 2000.

Do you prefer playing keys or guitar, like you later did in Matt Pond PA?

I really like getting to do both, as bad an answer is that is.  I started learning guitar because I was bored playing just keyboards.  With mppa, I got to play guitar on some songs and keyboards on other.  That was pretty ideal.

I actually played bass with Zero Zero* (Dave and Ari from Lifetime ) for about a year after World Inferno.  That was a strange experience.  Like with World Inferno, I got the chance to play really interesting music I would never in a million years write on my own, and got to open for bands like Liars and !!!.  By the time I was playing with Matt Pond, that indie rock scene had become more like home for me.  Certainly a transition.

I was in Zero Zero up until just before it completely fell apart.  Dave was playing keys, I was playing bass, Ari’s wife Tannis was playing keyboards and this kid Alex was playing drums.  We did a bunch of good shows and there was some label/management interest but honestly it was completely dysfunctional and Ari was really just hoping to get a record deal.”

*fun fact: before Zero Zero went electro pop – Johnny X was in the band!  true story, bro – cat.


NOAH LEGER – “This year has been busy so far. I’m in night classes (getting my first-ever degree in electricity. Half of my class just came home from Iraq or just got out of jail.) so not touring as much as I’d like, but still in 3 bands (Tight Phantomz/ Electric Hawk/ Head of Skulls!) and making recordings and playing shows. Working at Empty Bottle too, which is great, with the exception that I’ll have to be behind the bar when Fucked Up play next month instead of in the pit where I should be.”

“The music scene in Chicago continues to be all things. It’s great when you see the same faces at a punk show/ metal show/ free jazz show/ farmers market, etc. There’s a woman called Helen Money who recently put out a record called In Tune that I really love. She’s a cellist. A cellist covering the Minutemen. And it fucking rules. Local metal type-stuff that I’m listening to is Anatomy of Habit, Yakuza, Minsk, Nachtmystium. Jazzy stuff would include people like Jeff Parker and Johnny Herndon, and Hamid Drake. Califone continue to be a Chicago-based band and put out amazing records. The excellent thrash band Sweet Cobra recently lost their guitar player Matt Arluck, a real sweet guy, to cancer. Chicago misses Matt.”

So anything new on the Auxes, Challenger, or Milemarker fronts ?-giant cat

“Al Burian lives in Berlin these days, so I haven’t seen him. Dave Laney was recently living on my sofa, but then married a woman from Germany, and now he lives in Hamburg.”


STEVE PAELET : “Currently I’m playing with a band from NY called Paperdoll. We just licensed a song for a national TV commercial, shot our first music video, and now are looking for management and a publicist, shopping the album around for other tv/movie opportunities, and trying to set up a tour in China this summer.”



“It was a very delicate situation stepping into Ben’s shoes; he plays more behind the beat; his drumming style is a lot more suggestive than mine; whereas, I was looking to drive the songs a bit more until I could discover their nuances. The band had so much authenticity by then and Ben was such an integral part of it all that I didn’t want to be disrespectful and put my needs before those of each song. Fucking with band chemistry is a dangerous thing. I didn’t want to be responsible for the band “jumping the shark” as it were. So really I just tried to play the songs, not get too clever.

I had only planned on learning 10 or 15 songs for that first rehearsal but I had so much fun getting inside the logic of each tune as I went that it became something of an obsession to learn them all. Also, I was realizing the band’s brilliance at this point and wanted to impress them with my sharpness. Some of those songs I would play 20 times in a row on a chair at home in front of my CD player in my kitchen; my family thought I had lost my mind. They were not amused. But then I caught my wife and daughter singing and dancing out parts of Zen and the Art of Breaking Everything In This Room when I woke up one morning during that period; that’s when I knew I was in the clear.”


KAREN CORREA: Well, hello! 2010 is thus far getting along like a house on fire. Total madness. Hectic. Bizarre. Glorious madness.

[Demander’s new CD] ‘Future Brite’ just came out! It’s a mashup of positivity and passion and it has a lot more hand-clapping than our last record. It features a mix by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Hold Steady) and the musical contributions of Franz Nicolay, Peter Hess, Martha Redbone, and Ken Thompson (among others). These Are Not Records has already released a limited-edition vinyl 7″ with two tracks and “Books” is living a double life as a summery dance remix by electro-pop duo Shy Child. The title track was recently picked up by Levi’s EU as the soundtrack for their spring/summer preview aaaaaand we just released our first video for the song Math! Not sure yet what our tour plans are for 2010…but we’d love to go back to Germany, Austria and the UK at some point.

any favorite touring memories with Demander?

With Demander there are so many!! Our first night opening for the HoldSteady in Providence, RI, and then going to a bar down the street with everyone and dancing to soul music. Getting drunk in Brighton on Thanksgiving during our New Model Army tour and having Justin say our name for the first time on stage and then having their followers (The Army) pick us up and put us on their shoulders during the set. There were so many amazing show moments, seriously I couldn’t even attempt to write them all.

I have no idea! I don’t go out. I write songs.



MOSIT GINA: “I’m Gina Marie Rodriguez…”

Yep, I play with The Detroit Cobras. We have a lot of fun. Everyone in Detroit has been in the Cobras at least once. It’s cool…The Cobras are a great band. Rachel got married and lives in Delaware so we don’t get together much.

I miss my bands in Brooklyn, of course. Moisturizer was awesome but we never got it together to make a record. I played with Les Sans Culottes for about 4 years, I think, and that was fun. We went to Paris this summer and we actually went to a World Inferno show there! Jack gave me a lovely shout out…that was nice. Such a great band. I also played with an incredible psychedelic band called Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade. I really miss that band. We recorded a couple of songs before I moved to Detroit. I’m dying to hear it!!!

I’m looking for a band to play with here…I played a show with a band w/Mary from the Cobras , my boyfriend , my roommate, and another lovely girl called The Faygos but I’m not sure if we’re still working on that. There’s also talk of another band with the boyfriend and the roommate called Brooke Shield, or something like that. I’m excited about it.”

I was just stoned during the ABC days. It was sweet and I love the

friends I still have…glad we survived that precious little firetrap.


KEVIN RACKZA: “I didn’t really leave the inferno. It just kind of phased out of my life, i was involved in a bunch of other projects, and had time constraints, they had the oppurtunity to work with some other drummers so eventually i just stopped playing gigs. It definately would be a lot of fun though to play a show again, the inferno changed the way that I think of music.

I’m currently involved in a group called Zozo afrobeat which is lead by Kaleta. He has played in Fela Kuti’s EGypt 80 group and with King Sunny Ade, and i’m really getting deep into the African thing. It’s a big band with horns and it’s dance music. People moving to music is so important for me as a drummer. Let’s see i also have this group called HYLOFI which is lead by my good friend and guitarist Tim Allen. This is a super group that he put together which has musicians who’ve played with the SNL band, Imogen Heap, Tv on the Radio, Davey Jones of the Monkees, Antibalas..It’s crazy to be up there with all these great musicians from Brooklyn.

I still play with the Hungry March Band. Playing with them is the best time ever! They have definately changed my perception about where and how music can be performed and played. I’ve found myself up on a bridge going across the hudson, to a kids school, to a late night raging party, to a kite festival, to a club with movie stars, to the top of the Astro tower at coney island, to the streets and every community you could imagine in NYC. It is amazing. The best part is you can play what and how you want at all times, it’s Anarchy!”

see also : http://www.myspace.com/kevin_funky_drums


KEVIN CORZETT:   Kevin’s interview was one of my favorite interviews to do. Check out the rising tide lifts all boats online chapter to read about his crazy circus band Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys. Also send him a message thanking him for training Mora, the new wifs drummer.

“The band that I tour with mostly and do most of the writing for is KETMAN. We tour pretty extensively. We have a backline in LA so we try to hit most of the United States as we can.  They also toured Brazil (which I unfortunately have not been able to do) but the trio has gone done a couple of times and is just a success down there. Planning another Brazil tour in the winter time.

They’ve been around for about 5 years and started out as a thrash trio. Other than being a musician I’m also a sound engineer so I first met them doing sound for them at a club. I remember thinking they were the coolest thrash band that I’ve ever seen. A couple years later they got more into surf music and sort of 60’s pop kind of stuff. It kind of crept its way in slowly over time. About 3 years ago they asked me to do some recordings just for a couple songs and then they also brought in a trumpet player (Brian Rutledge of for the hills) and it just really clicked right away. Right as soon as we were in the studio we started writing stuff with the rest of the band and started rehearsing with them. It was pretty quick after that where the band became a 5-piece. Our newest album – Ketman-a-Go-Go is the first album that was written as a 5 piece and is much more surf oriented. I mean its still a thrash band if you listen to it its still got the fun heavy fun thrashy parts but its got much more texture. Its just got larger arrangements to it.
If you saw them in 2006 its almost unrecognizable to seeing a set now but they will occasionally throw in some of those older songs into the set. But the SUBHUMANS would’ve been a perfect comparison to the older Ketman stuff. The newer stuff, we’ve gotten some comparisons to The Cramps. Actually the PR manager of the Cramps has recently expressed interest in trying to do some work with us so hopefully we’ll work something out. Its all sort of tenious right now.”


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