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Hallowmas 2010 fanzine. Limited edition run.

A festively updated Lexicon o’ Friends & Enemies that features stories of guidance and of caution from spirits from our Pumpkiny Past. All this & more bound within “Heart Attack” 64 pages. Perfect bound/tradepaper back book style. But don’t let it fool ya, it’s really still a zine wearing a beautiful Halloween costume. Up tha punx & all that ethos.

It serves as very incomplete oral history companion. Content collected from a series of very brief interviews from approx 20 to 30 something ex-members of the W/IFS; all pre-2010.

There are a few copies left, and they’ll be available at the next Inferno show for $5 until they’re sold out.

got that PMA,

Giant Cat.

Other Recommended Reading :

1. www.bombardirovka.com
(novel by Crystal Cook, o.g. tuba player circa 1996-98)

2. http://www.gimmesomethingbetter.com
3. http://www.peops.org
4. http://www.artbook.com/9780979723858.html & http://chrisleolive.blogspot.com/
(books by Chris Leo, astral league trombone player)
5. http://vol1brooklyn.com/julius-singer-press/
(short stories by Franz Nicolay, mustachio’d man about town)


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