Get into it.

All material in this zine & on this webpage was compiled solely from 30+ exferne interviews that we did over the course of one year (Halloween 2009-Halloween 2010). I hope you enjoyed the read. I apologize to anyone I missed, left out, or couldn’t track down in time. I’ve never done a project like this before so I by no means knew what I was doing at any point in time…

For the current story, keep going to gigs & pick up the new cd this winter. I would love to pull together an online chapter of all the members from this year ( Hess, Sandra, Ben Kotch, Raja, Jack T’Cloth, Ken Thomson, Greg Daly, Matt Landis, Leslie, Francis, Mora, Lucky, Maura, Shatzsky). We’ll see if that happens though.

Also, I apologize if any part was sloppy. It was chaos; waiting on last minute content & material. That last day of copy editing was 15 straight hours (with a 2 hour break to watch a circusy burlesque performance at The House of Yes) and my mind felt like static noise by 5:30 am….yet it was still functioning. Or maybe it was the ‘off the air’ test screen where all you hear is a high pitched flatlined buzz. I don’t know about the two designers, but I think they felt like I was repeatedly slapping them over the head with a wet salmon (thanks Lester, for the image). Just when they would have this thing under control – I would hand them more material. While they were working on their edits, at 1am I was doing my final interview. That must’ve been so annoying for them.  Amusing to me.

This project would have found its way into the world by Halloween, in some fashion, but it would by no means of looked so beautiful without its two main artists: N.N. Such & Carter Nriab . I cannot thank them enough for their collaborative work. Their talent & know-how balanced out my disorganization, lack of in-design skills, & my scatterbrained good intentions.

So look over there to your right. Then scroll a little up.  There’s more stuff to read. Introductions. Chapter 12. (which was burned out of the book by Ryan Sane) & some other stuff.  Get going. Content is still piling in, so expect a final version sometime mid-week.


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